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really and truly done now
July 4, 2007, 1:28 AM
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I submitted my revised paper today. I am so glad that is done! My mentor spent a good chunk of time going over it with me – like 12+ hours over the last few days. I bet he is glad it is done, too 🙂 Now I can continue with lab work – get back to it – finish up this old project and get started on a new one…

I’m home alone – probably the reason I’m on the computer at 1:40 in the morning even though I have no work needing done right away. M is spending the night at a friend’s house. J is at his grandparent’s because I wasn’t going to be home in time to get him before Tom left. Tom is at the sleep studies center having his sleep studied!

I guess I should go get some sleep. I am tired and we apparently have a full day planned for the 4th. Have I mentioned everything going on this month??? Well, let me see… 14th – take M & J to ABay to visit. M will stay for week with her friend, J will go to grandma D’s for the week; 15-20 – Tom gets new house ready to move into; 21 – MOVING DAY; 23-27 – get old house cleaned up and ready for landlord to inspect; I’m supposed to go to Boston with my mil for WOF conference on the 27/28, but I’m not sure I have the time to go; 29th may be a baby shower in Rochester for my sil; kids are going to MO the next week with my brother… I think there is more, but that is all my brain can remember right now.

OK, I’m really going this time.


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