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I am so disgusted with my cat – GORY
July 1, 2007, 7:15 PM
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This cat is the 5th cat I have had. He is the ONLY cat I’ve had who hunts for sport, not for food. All of our previous cats significantly decreased their dry food intake during the nice weather – they hunted and ate their own food. This idiot cat eats MORE dry food in the summer and leaves his trophies around in obvious locations. Our previous cats saw, attacked and killed. This dope sees, follows, attacks, lets it go to try and run away, attacks, bounces it around with his paws for a while and eventually – if he is having enough fun – he kills it. I’ve never liked it, but today…. I can’t do this again…

He caught a baby chipmunk and brought it/chased it into our house. It hid behind the piano, I got it out and it ran to ds room. This was yesterday. I locked the cat in the room hoping he would find it and kill it. Nope. Ds refused to sleep in his room last night b/c no one knew where the chipmunk was. This afternoon I waws alone in the house while the rest of them went out. I heard something and went to check it out and the cat is dive bombing the piano again. So I pulled the piano out to let the cat get back there – he pounces and comes out with the runaway chipmunk. I ran to the door and opened it and the cat took it outside – I was hoping he would kill it and get it done with. NO… not this cat. He played with it, maimed it, eventually left it on the stone in the yard – I thought it was dead – went to look and it was still alive but badly injured. I thought it would bleed out and die. I left it unconscious and came inside. Then I look out again and IT IS STILL ALIVE AND TRYING TO RUN AWAY FROM MY CAT! Again, I was hoping the cat would kill it. I can not stand watching anything hurt and this thing was so badly injured… I was ready to cry – how sad is that??? Idiot cat played with it some more and knocked it out again – even more injured at this point. I was talking to my mom and she told me I had to kill it – I wanted it to die – the cat had hurt it sooo badly. Stupid cat wouldn’t kill it. When it couldn’t run away anymore the fun was gone, SO HE LEFT IT THERE. I had to kill it. I was so upset. AND – the thing wouldn’t die – I had to try 3 times! I was REALLY ready to cry.

My mother said one of their cats used to do that – but only one. Suddenly it occurred to me that this cat of mine and that one cat of theirs are the ONLY MALE cats we have ever owned. The rest have all been female. So, NEVER again will I get a male cat. I can handle the hunting for food, I can even handle leaving one on the doorstep for me – they are “providing”, I am not stomaching this hunting for sport very well that this cat does. It was horrible…



i have to admit this made me giggle a little… but it’s true. our cats are indoor cats, but they do get some hunting in the winter with the occasional mouse. Tango, the male cat, plays with them. Pixie, the mighty hunter female cat, kills them. i can’t pretend to understand what goes on inside their little heads!!

Comment by Krista

Yeah – it is funny now – but I was really not laughing when I had to try and kill the chipmunk who wouldn’t die!!

Comment by Kerry

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