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The right balance
June 1, 2007, 11:53 AM
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I read some blogs and think, “how cool is it that they can incorporate their spiritual life so easily into their entries”. I just don’t do that well… of course, then it occurs to me that it isn’t something I do in real life, either, so why would I do it here? I say things like, “I really felt God’s presence…” and it sounds pretentious to me – not that it sounds pretentious when others say it – depending on the person, but it just isn’t me. I’m just me – and the way I write (scary as this may be to some of you reading this) is a reflection of that. My blog won’t sound like anyone else’s – and I don’t care for it to – because *I’m* writing it.

Balance – you know what the problem is with trying to balance??? The slightest change in any place can cause a tumble… I read once that trying to “balance” your life – work, home, (school), kids… – leaves you sure that none of the areas are getting what they need and what they should be getting from you.

OK, no balance.

If not balance, then what???

That same article said something to the effect of putting your efforts into the important things at the time and getting the rest done as you can. I believe it was a Bank CEO/mom/wife who wrote the bit I read.

I missed dd’s softball game last night – I was supposed to be studying (like now) but yesterday was such a waste of a day. I just wasn’t motivated to do it. You know what? I missed her game – and I didn’t even do any work. Dh and dd got home and apparently she played quite well and I missed quite a few photos she wanted me to take (batting, fielding…)

Guess who made the complete WRONG choice???? Hate getting hit upside the head like that…

Guess who *is* going to the game tomorrow AM???? Yeah, me…

Now, I HAVE to get studying – I’m feeling like I’m in BIG trouble for Monday at this point…

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