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Memory lane…
May 28, 2007, 11:30 PM
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These pictures are from Easter of 2005. I cannot get over how much older they look in the 2 years since then. It is kind of sad how quickly they change and grow up…

Mitch loved that hat and dress that year. This past Easter she was determined she was not wearing a dress – it just so happened that when we went shopping she found a dress she loved, but it is much more earthy… peasant style, I guess. Still nice, but not the “little girl” sweet that this was.

Josh – no suit for him this year. He chose an orange plaid shirt (very nice looking I must say) and navy casual pants.

I was also sad to realize that I don’t have Easter pictures for them this year. That is my tradition. I *always* do an Easter photo “shoot”. I was too busy, I didn’t know where to go… I love outdoor photos. They are so fun. I think I’ve found a spot. After exams I’ll have to take the kids over there and see what we get out of it.

Have to do something to make up for the lack of Easter pictures.

My 2006 pictures were taken with a film SLR. Nice photos – but I don’t have them scanned in yet. I was between digital cameras at that point…

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