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One grade in – waiting on the other
May 26, 2007, 8:35 PM
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I got my final grade for Microbial Diseases… I got a B. I don’t think I’ve been so happy for “B”s since highschool šŸ™‚ This stuff isn’t so easy… not that I thought it would be, but I have to say — I worked hard for that stinkin’ B!!!!

Still waiting to hear about my Immunology score. I’m a little worried given that my last test was YUCKY! I did not do well on it – not happy at all.

Now I’m moving on… studying for the quals. You saw the picture of my table with the notebooks stacked nice and neatly… not so nice and neat anymore. I’m trying to stay organized and on track with what I’m doing… so far so good.

I’m really nervous about this test. It only determines my entire future you know… No, I’m not being *too* melodramatic šŸ˜›

Dh and I went out last night. Had to get him new jeans (old ones bit the dust and he needs them for work), shorts and shirts. I bought 2 pair of … not quite shorts, not quite capris. I like them and dd says they are cool so I guess I have it made šŸ™‚ After these exams are through I’m starting the gym and eating better in earnest. I decided it is too much stress right now, so it has to wait a couple of weeks. Hopefully that means that by fall/winter I’ll be able to wear some of the other jeans hanging in my closet! Wouldn’t that be nice… dreaming…

Josh spent the day with his friend today – went over to his house. They had a blast. He had an invitation to go with them tomorrow to Mass I think for a street fair. Too bad it was for a Sunday, he would have loved to go.

Oh – exciting news… Chris & Joy are having a baby (that isn’t the new news), but we got an email last week saying the ultrasound shows a boy!!! Yippee – new baby. Now someone else will have to have one/another one and have a girl to even the numbers up again… (and it soooooo won’t be me!!!!)

OK, now I’m wasting time. I’ll go now. Have a great night everyone…

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