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My weekend with my momma
May 19, 2007, 9:39 PM
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My mom is on the Tapestry council – I’m not 100% sure what they do except that they are part of the WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union) for the state SBC convention. One of the things they do is put on an annual retreat as part of their yearly meeting for the WMU. I’ve gone in the past – as a matter of fact when this council was first formed I was asked to be on it — and in my brilliant way of knowing what I can and cannot do and oh, so subtle way of speaking, I said, “uh, no, not for me…”

ANYWAY… I went with my mom this weekend (Fri night & Sat). It was here (well, ~20 min away) and I’ve run across a few of these ladies at other meetings over the years. I really enjoyed the meetings… do you know how cool it is when you really know God has something for you to get out of a message? This lady who came and led these … hmmm … not sure what you call them… Seminars? no, too impersonal… Anyway, she was incredible. The ministry they do is as much an extension of Jesus as I’ve seen – I would love to go see it first hand. It sounds incredible. Music was great – her best friend does the music at the meetings. They travel together.

I’m doing a poor job of describing this. It was just very cool.

But I discovered a couple of things…

It suddenly occurred to me that for the first time in my life I am not part of an SBC church. Now, I am not hung up on denominations, but I *know* the people in NY who are part of the SBC. I know the positions and who holds them (for the most part), I know who pastors what church, I know individuals at different churches… I was part of it. My husband spent 11 years in ministry in SBC churches in NY state.

We are now ABC. Because dh accepted a call to this little church that we both love (he more than I – it is still growing on me… but I’m getting there!) we suddenly lost this affiliation we’ve had… forever! It is very strange. I know nothing about the ABC. I realize I can and probably will learn, but it just seems so strange. We’ve moved back to the area where his seminary is located and suddenly we aren’t part of the same group of people.

Now really, I know it isn’t that separated. It just feels like a major drop off suddenly.

Anyway, if you ever want a missionary to speak at a women’s retreat or whatever… Debbie and Jane did a great job with this one!

Weekend over. Lots to think about. Took mom to the train station and saw her off and then we went and drove around our new home that we aren’t in yet. We drove around for about 25 minutes – maybe more. I was looking at the community – it is poor and run down at the bottom of the hill by the river, child service center, public housing… all of that sort of thing. As you drive up the hill away from the river it gradually improves until by the time you get to the top you have everything from modest but comfortable neighborhoods to a couple of spectacular places. What a variety of needs in such a small area.

I think I’ll end now – I think I’m rambling, I also think I probably have more to say on the topic of our new home/ministry location – but the thoughts aren’t really coherent right now.

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