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boys and blood
May 18, 2007, 11:12 AM
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Well, did I write earlier about J and his baseball in the nose experience? I think I did… Last night we had a new one…

M had a ball game – she got an awesome hit by the way – and J was playing with some older boys. They had a soccer ball and were playing keep away with it – sort of playing soccer, but not shooting it. Turns out at some point they switched from the soccer ball to using a Coke bottle. Hmmm… soccer with a Coke bottle. Nope, nothing strange about that.

They were in a stretch of grass behind me and I heard a thud, turned around and J is lying on the ground holding his head screaming. Now, this happens often and didn’t necessarily mean anything major. I walked over to him, bent over and pulled his hand away – blood pouring out of a gash across his eyebrow. UGH. It was deep – about an inch long and gaping about 1/2 inch across. Turns out when you play soccer with a Coke bottle and get it kicked into your face it isn’t a good thing! You can see the stitches in the picture on the left. It looks so much nicer and neater all sewn up 🙂

I get the paper towel to stop the bleeding and an icepack to control the swelling and dh and I took him to the ER. One of the parents volunteered to take M home with them after the game. Wouldn’t you know it – the one time dh and I went in the same car!!

Here is a whole face picture of my son with his stitched up eye. He is so impressed with it that he is sleeping with a mirror so he can look at it as he goes to sleep!

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