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My camera
May 17, 2007, 2:07 PM
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I’m disappointed 😦
I bought a new camera in January (my old one got “coked”). I was so excited about this camera. I researched and looked and thought I had found one that I was going to like as much as my old one and then some. I’m having trouble getting pictures to turn out the way I want with the new one. Noise levels get way too high even at an ISO 400. I never had trouble with my old Fuji and noise. This new camera – that I chose over the Fuji & Nikon b/c of its image stabilization which turns out to be not as useful as I thought – I think I can still get decent pictures with some tweaking and work, but I’m pretty disappointed overall. Now I’m looking around outside the style I was looking at before and see that perhaps the camera I really wanted is actually a smaller dSLR from Nikon instead of looking at the ultra zooms. I wanted portability and something I would carry around with me. Turns out the NIkon D40 is supposed to be pretty light weight and portable PLUS have all the advantages of a dSLR.

Too bad I already bought dd a camera… if I had not I’d have a reason to get a new one and something to do with the old one. I thought about passing them all down one, but I do not think ds is ready for a camera. He really doesn’t want one, either… Dd took some great pics at a bbq we went to last week. I was impressed. She likes it (photography) as much as I do.

OTOH… I think I stumbled upon the perfect picture site today (physical location, not web site!) It is a park downtown and has a great old iron bridge across a stream! I’m taking the kids down there (after exams) for a photo shoot. Haven’t done one in a while and my pics for this year are kind of sparse.

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