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my poor kids :-/
May 11, 2007, 8:30 PM
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I was just outside with my kids (11 yo and 10 yo) practicing softball/baseball. Dd is a pitcher and I was catching for her. Ball got stuck under some bushes and she went around on the other side (on a steep hill) to get it. She apparently fell down the hill and twisted her ankle – ball game tomorrow AM at 11:15… So, she is injured. I started playing with ds – he is getting quite good with his throws and catching. I threw the ball – and he moved to get it, glove up, everything in the right place and …. he missed the ball and it hit his face with a thud. He paused, silent for a moment and then started to scream and jump around and blood was spurting out of both nostrils – the ball landed right, dead on his nose. It took a few minutes to get the bleeding to slow down – I think it is still dripping a bit, but not the fast flow it was initially.

That was the end of our baseball attempts for the night :-/

My poor kids…

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