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and the roller coaster begins….
May 11, 2007, 8:09 PM
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You know when you are on a roller coaster at the very beginning you have the slow journey up the biggest incline of the ride, the brief pause at the top and then the free fall where you can’t find your stomach for a few seconds??? Well, I’m just about to the top of that incline, the pause will be my qualifiers and then the free-fall when the lab work gets going in earnest and data gets generated (I hope) and papers published (I hope) and then the ride ends with graduation – remember, as with any roller coaster, there are other twists, turns, hills and flips along the way.

So, in the next few weeks I have: exam on 5/14, exam on 5/22 (yeah, end of classes for this semester), BIG exam on 6/4 – part I of my qualifier is a written test covering all of the course work from first semester: Biochemistry (not so crazy about Biochem), Molecuar Cell Bio, Immunology and Microbial Disease – and then on 6/8 we are handed a research question which we have to write a research proposal on. Dig into the lit, do the research, determine what and how, write the paper and hand it in on 6/15. The next week is a defense of the proposal: oral presentation and questioning.

Passing these things is required for continuation in the program. Just a little stress. I’m not the only one doing it, I know. I just sometimes feel like I’m not sure which end is up.

The good news is my mentor pretty much gave me the next few weeks to study and prepare so I can do well on these things.

So that is what I’ll be doing over the next month!! MIA…

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