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Baseball… oops, softball!!!!
April 29, 2007, 9:07 AM
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Mitch (dd) is on a rec league softball team. She loves playing – I wish we could put her on a travel team, but we have neither the time nor the miney for that praticular endeavor. It would be great for her if we could – it would be more competitive and her skill level would improve significantly. We missed out on the pitching clinics this year – unfortunately. We were talking about it and are definitely going to get her into all of them we can over the next year. She loves to pitch – and is pretty good at it. With the right coaching I think she could be really good at it. Here are pictures from the game yesterday:

I missed the beginning of the game – apparantly she got a good hit. The batting in these pictures are practice swings – the pitcher hit her with the ball (Ouch!) and she got to take a base – she hates that… getting walked at all is not what she wants. She wants to hit the ball!

These girls are funny – they have about 6 or 7 cheers they do – nothing like having your cheerleaders built into the team! So, one of them has a line; “we don’t play with Batbie dolls, all we want are bats and balls” 13 girls chanting/singing really loudly… no need for the parents to cheer.

Mitch pitched Thursday night. When she got a strike the girl who was playing short stop would do “air high fives” with her. It was kinda goofy looking, bt they were having fun!!

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