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verdict is in – fair or not
April 22, 2007, 10:29 PM
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So, I guess the pw who shot her husband will be sentenced to no more than 6 years in prison… or has the actual sentencing taken place? I don’t think so, but I’m not really “up” on the news…

I have mixed feelings… knowing the culture of perfection that exists – particularly in the south – for pastors and their families, it isn’t hard to believe that a pw might really feel there was no way out. Also due to the culture that was made it isn’t hard to see where pressure builds to a point that one would snap. I wasn’t there and don’t know them and so I’m not going to even try to figure what their life was like behind closed doors or what they were like as people. Relevant to me is the decision… a pastor friend of ours commented today that Mrs. Winkler was able to shoot her husband and basically get off with nothing – apparantly with the option of parole she could be out in a year?? So, my question is… should you be able to shoot someone in the back and be out after a year? No, I don’t know the circumstances. Yes, I can imagine that things might happen behind closed doors that the rest of the world wouldn’t see or believe. BUT… is that enough?

On the flip side of the issue – not really dealing with the Winklers, but with the “culture of perfection”… Who decided and when that pastors and their families needed to be perfect? *Why* would anyone put that kind of pressure on their family? You’ll note I say on my sidebar that I’m a “bad” pw… I refuse to have my kids, marriage, myself under that expectation. We’d all go nuts! Our kids are normal kids… just spend a day – well, really only 10 minutes would do it – with them and you’ll see quickly how “normal” they are. Although dd likes claiming she is very abnormal! (and “cooooool”) My dh is great about that – he tends to like being a normal guy, too (which is good, ’cause he is a very normal guy!!! …oh, I mean he is very special 🙂 LOL) hi honey, I love you!!

I have other thoughts, but I think that is enough for now. I’m tired. Need to go to bed.

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