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So much to do…
April 16, 2007, 8:17 PM
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Why is it that when there is so much to do I spend so much time doing nothing? It is very strange to me – I just start getting stressed out, I panic and seem to go into a “don’t care, don’t want to think about it” mode.

Things are a little strange at the lab – the last week or so my work has kind of petered out – I’m sure there is lots to do, I’m just not 100% sure what I should be doing. A couple of things require my mentor (boss) to train me or sit down and go over some stuff and he is in mid stream in paper writing, so I really don’t know when those things will get done. I feel like there are things he thinks I should be doing but hasn’t told me to do – maybe I should know what is next? In time my project will be my project and I’ll take it and run with it, but right now I’m still learning techniques and what to do when and things like that and I don’t have a really well defined project right now to know what to do. Some things I think I should be able to interpret/determine a direction, but I’m not sure whether I should do that at this point – he seems to want a say in each step.

OK, enough of that – I know what all of it adds up to is that I need to sit down and talk to him. I just tend to not know how to approach these things… For the most part he is very approachable, but sometimes he seems to … well, not be so approachable LOL I can’t think of the word I want to use…

At any rate, right now I have 3 papers to read and a presentation to prepare – and a bed to go get into šŸ™‚ Better go get to work before the bed totally wins the battle!!

Au revoir…



Hey there! bet you never thought you’d get a comment from me, huh!? The song is beautiful.. and vey moving. Thanks for making me tear up! I do enough of that these days. I like the’s got to be very therapeutic for you to write as well as it is for others(like myself) to read. I will try to log on know how life hectic!

Comment by Dori

Liz and you mother might as well be identical twins…OMGosh!

Comment by Dori

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