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April 15, 2007, 4:58 PM
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A week or so ago I was looking for songs for my husband – he wanted a couple of CDs of GOOD Christian music. Now, there are a few groups/singers I know are good, but I’m not really well versed on who the good artists are… One of the things he said he wanted was some of the traditional hymns arranged in a more contemporary manner. I found a group I like – Avalon – who had a CD of hymns – in that search I also found this song. It gave me goosebumps. Most of you reading this are family and so are well aware of why this song would affect me. For those of you who are not family – my baby (sorry Liz!) sister and her husband are both in the Army and stationed in Iraq right now. Anyway, take a listen to this and watch the clip that was put together:

“For Freedom” –Avalon
My dh just asked whether there aren’t copyright laws that affect being able to do videos like this… Do any of you know???

Isn’t that awesome??

My sister and her dh were home last week for their 2 week r-n-r. We got most of our family together (only my sil was missing b/c she has really bad morning sickness – more like all day and all night sickness 😦 So we were minus one).

Here is a picture of my sister and her family:

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