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And so begins the journey into the land of blogging…
April 13, 2007, 9:46 PM
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So, I’ve liked the idea of doing a blog for a while. I tried to get one going on MySpace, but, well… there are too many “extra” things to deal with there that I, well quite honestly, don’t want to be bothered with! I like photographs – I wanted to be able to incorporate them into my blog. My sister-in-law has a really cool blog that she posts photos and text – I like that. I didn’t link to it because I don’t think it is public – I’m pretty sure her blog is a family only place.

How should a first post go? Should I tell you all about my life, or just let you piece it out as I go… honestly… I think I’ll let you psych it out as I go. Too many facets to my life to make sure I cover them all here 🙂 However – that reminds me of something… this is my disclaimer for everything you might read here now and in the future… This is my blog. I can say what I want. I can cover the subjects I want. I can have an inordinately large number of photos. I can do that because it is my blog 🙂 I like that… I really hope you enjoy it here, and I really hope you are interactive. Talking to yourself is kind of boring you know. …I’ve also heard that talking to yourself *might* signal other “issues“, but we aren’t going there right now!!


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The nice thing about blogs is that probably someone is reading it, so no on thinks you’re crazy. It’s like going grocery shopping with a baby. 🙂

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